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Toby and the Tremors' third album kicks in with "One Little Promise," a melodic rocker with a positive vibe to hold on to the one you love. The title track, "Blond Alibi" follows with a haunting tale of a man on the run from the law for a crime he didn't commit (or did he?) "Hidin' Their Tears" is a message song that asks parents to think about their children before breaking up. Stik's guitar work and Toby's soulful vocals make this song a winner. "Country School Road" recalls a lost place in time. "Cold Hearted Man" is a bluesy uptempo song in the Robert Cray vein. "Memphis Rescue" recalls some of the great music and singers from the 'Memphis Sound' of decades back. "Someday," a soulful ballad and party rocker "Shake That Stuff" round out the disc to a great finish!

Track Listing:

1. One Little Promise (3:38)

2. Blond Alibi (3:49)

3. Hidin' Their Tears (3:42)

4. Country School Road (3:53)

5. Cold Hearted Man (3:18)

6. Someday (3:14)

7. Memphis Rescue (4:26)

8. Shake That Stuff (4:36)

All tracks produced by Toby Rhodes & Bobby Scumacci.

Continuing the band's creative musical journey, the group has released their second album: HOTEL BLUE. The album kicks in with the title track's haunting melody and lyrics. Other stand-out tracks include "LETTER FROM LONDON" with its "Stones-like" bass line, and "MR. NOBODY" which has the makings of becoming a blues classic. Another track, written by Toby and Kevin Lee is "THESE LETTERS," which captures the loneliness of our troops in a distant land and the importance of receiving cherished mail from home. Also, there is a revved-up version of Robert Parker's "BAREFOOTIN'" with Stik's smokin' guitar and Toby's raw vocals.  

Track Listing:

1. Hotel Blue (4:05)

2. Letter from London (4:40)

3. Voodoo Charm (4:15)

4. Mr. Nobody (3:23)

5. Midnight Train (3:02)

6. These Letters (4:02)

7. Chain on My Heart (4:16)

8. Soul Shakin' (4:27)

9. Back Door Romeo (3:32)

10. Barefootin' (2:57)

Tracks 1, 9 & 10 produced by Toby & Stik. Tracks 2 - 8 produced by Bobby Scumacci and Toby.




Track Listing:

1. Can't Believe You're Mine (2:43)

2. Mystery Angel (4:19)

3. Somethin' I Need (5:06)

4. (Just What I ) Had In Mind (3:31)

5. Hot Honey (3:24)

6. Ghost Town (3:52)

7. Love Was Enough (3:01)

8. Heart So Blue (3:53)

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The song about die hard Cub fan Ronnie Woo, that made Dave Hoekstra's Rhythm and Cubbie Blue Top 10 list.