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Toby and The Tremors are:

Toby Rhodes - Vocals, Keyboards

Kevin Paul - Guitar, Vocals

Larry O'Connor - Bass

Tim Scruggs - Drums, Vocals

Bobby Imundo - Sax, Vocals


When band leader Toby isn't busy writing songs with the likes of Jim Peterik or Kevin Lee he's firing up the fans and tearing down the house with his band The Tremors, his show has been playing to rave reviews in many venues and promises to land in your home town soon.

The strength of this show is naturally the tunes which are generally easy to move to and contain some great lyrics however, don't sell these guys short, they can lay it down with the best of them!

One thing you can count on, the Toby and The Tremors Show is laced with excitement, professionalism and pure emotion. Toby bares his soul with tunes like Ghost Town, written about Chess Studios and Record Row and soon to be classic Mystery Angel, Can't Believe You're Mine and Cold Hearted Man. Don't miss this Rockin Soul Revue. "Enjoy da show."

Toby Rhodes

From television commercials to radio jingles, "The Voice" has that identifiable quality and razor edge that cuts through your soul and hammers home its message. "Blue-Eyed Soul" has now beeen reinvented with a new millennium touch.

Kevin Paul

A true Blues guitar veteran, Paul grew up in Chicago where he formed his style while working the "Chitlin Circuit." Recently his music has carried him overseas to support his various releases on the Provouge label in Amsterdam. In the States, his band ThrillBilly received critical acclaim for the album Trouble on the Young Heroes label. "Kevin Paul squeezes more emotion out of a Fender Stratocaster than most, and this effort is no exception."

Larry O'Connor

Veteran bass player Larry O'Connor's credits include playing with the Joe Kelly Blues Band and Ted Aliotta of "Lake Shore Drive" fame. Larry adds just the right punch to the band.

Tim "Timmy Scruggs"

The other half of the foundation is also a music major. After attending The Conservatory of Music, Tim stretched out with acts such as Moonflower, Prey'n Mantyz and Dave Mason. His rock solid style has brought him to play shows at Soldier Field and other similar events. As Toby puts it, "Charlie Watts was busy, so I called Timmy!"

Bobby Imundo

The latest addition to the band, a sax player. Bobby Imundo is the perfect fit for the group with his hard hitting soulful solos. He has done work for The Ides of March and Streetplayer, who was produced by the group Chicago.